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  EFW CHP Plant Plymouth Fire Alarm System Design and Installation
  Client: EFW CHP, Plymouth
  Project: Fire Alarm System Design and Installation

AWL undertook the complete design for the fire detection and alarm system in the Plymouth Energy From Waste plant.

The design was for a P1 grade system which its design was primary for asset protection. It was generated from AutoCAD drawings, which were generated by AWL, and meetings with the mechanical and electrical developer SAR Elektronic GmBH.

  Fire Security Plymouth
  Fire Security Plymouth  

Safe and Reliable Fire Detection

The design was subjected to inspection by the insurance companies involved in the build and the developers. After a successful scheme was developed it was used as a tender document for the fire detection and alarm on site. AWL tendered for the installation and commissioning and was successfully awarded the project.

The system comprises of 6 fully networked fire alarm control panels and two Graphical User Interface systems (GUI’s). It protects the complete site and outbuildings using Apollo Discovery multipoint detectors, flame detectors, manual call points and multiple input and output devices.

Simple To Use

The system also monitors 9 gaseous suppressant systems and reports on faults, pre alarms and alarms on the systems. It also monitors various valves and pressure sensors around the site and reports on their status. It also interfaces to other systems on site like opening vents and BMS controls.

The system is primary controlled from a GUI in the control room and it enables the operators to use a touch screen with a complete site layout of buildings and rooms to interrogate the plant and buildings without the need to use a control panel. This makes it much easier as all the operators know the plant layout but could be unfamiliar with the fire alarm control equipment.

  Fire Security Plymouth
  Fire Security Plymouth  

Long Lasting Fire Security Solutions

There is a GUI in the gate house along with the CCTV controls so even before the safety services enter site the fire can be located. The system will also report on the GUI in the event of a fault, fire or disablement on the system and makes the system much more user friendly.

The project took over a year to complete and has been completed with complete success. After a few small changes due to site conditions the system is faultless and provides protection for the complete plant, administration building and maintenance buildings. The project was undertaken in conjunction with the Keir Group, SAR Elektronic GmgH and MVV and was completed in January 2016. We continue to provide remote support, management and training for the system.

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